Massage Testimonials

International Actor
“Murray, Amazing work mate! You’ve set a shackled man free.
Best always.
Liev Schreiber.”

CRAIG HUTCHING (Senior Head Coach – Mojo Surf)
I limped in one arvo after doing my back in, out in the surf and got Warren to work his magic on me. The following morning I was training again feeling great.
He has healing power and I honestly recommend his treatment.

Awesome massage which I was really satisfied with. Will be coming back and letting people know about how good it is. Great service and convenience being booked in quickly. Friendly staff and nice atmosphere.
Felt very welcoming and revitalized after the massage.
Thank you

Murray thank you for following your intuitive knowingness in your massages. Thank you for your support via massage when I have needed it.
You are a healer of a high level.
Thank you.

Best pregnancy massage ever! Thank you Murray for such great care and treatment through the pregnancy.
All the best.

Warren and Murray have saved me from pain, discomfort, aching muscles, spasms and much more with their wonderful treatments.
Thank you so much.

Thank you so much Murray for a great massage. I know my body and mind are thanking me. Can’t wait for my appointment next week.

Thankyou Murray…… I’m floating on clouds ATM.
Total bliss mate

Great place to go after a big weekend of sport when your body is sore – Friendly atmosphere & great service. Can’t recommend the team at Muscle and Skin enough.

Best Massage I have ever had.

Murray has the 6th sense when it comes to massage. He finds his way to the area, and as if by magic knows exactly what to do.
Being a massage therapist myself for 5-years, I can tell the difference between a good massage and a GREAT massage. This is on the GREAT end of the scale!
Everyone needs a regular massage, one would say. The setting is beautifully relaxed and calm.
Looking forward to my next treatment.

Hypnotherapy and NLP Testimonials

Murray is a caring and deeply thoughtful practitioner who was driven to provide me with the utmost quality therapy for my NLP breakthrough session. Here is a man who took additional time and considered all possible significant events in my life to find the root cause of my limiting belief.

I am so relieved to have had the opportunity to work with him. I would happily recommend his services to anyone who knows deep down there’s a better version of themselves waiting to come to the surface. Trust me; Murray will help that process happen.

NLP has given me the ability to work through & understand underlying issues; to consider & release my “childhood” learned responses. Murray’s ability & support has unlocked the reasons I sabotaged myself when trying to achieve outcomes I desired.

Dear Murray,
Five months have passed, and I have achieved my goal to lose 10Kgs. I’m feeling physically fitter and exercising better too, with summer here, swimming.
I’m writing this to thank you for your wonderful gift in healing my mind, to be able to focus on my goal weight. It became so easy and I’m still working at losing more.
Many best wishes.

Narelle Besseling JP
I was struggling with the demands of work and family, not being able to sort my life into some sort of order and rid myself of the idea that I had to help everyone that asked. Murray very patiently and without judgement or criticism worked with me to restore some order and gave me the tools to manage the demands put on me daily.