Hypnotherapy and NLP Testimonials

Sometimes life gets on top of us ! And you hear your inner voice inside your mind telling you that you need some help!
Noticing an add in the local paper ( that jumped out of the page at me ), was just the sign that i needed to take action.
With Murrays understanding and skill in his field, He has helped me release the inner negative programming that i had acquired through life!
Now im back on track , and feeling re:energised and very excited for the next chapter / chapters !! in the book of life : )
Your awesome mate !
A huge thank-you to you Murray.

Murray is a caring and deeply thoughtful practitioner who was driven to provide me with the utmost quality therapy for my NLP breakthrough session. Here is a man who took additional time and considered all possible significant events in my life to find the root cause of my limiting belief.

I am so relieved to have had the opportunity to work with him. I would happily recommend his services to anyone who knows deep down there’s a better version of themselves waiting to come to the surface. Trust me; Murray will help that process happen.

NLP has given me the ability to work through & understand underlying issues; to consider & release my "childhood" learned responses. Murray's ability & support has unlocked the reasons I sabotaged myself when trying to achieve outcomes I desired.

Dear Murray,
Five months have passed, and I have achieved my goal to lose 10Kgs. I’m feeling physically fitter and exercising better too, with summer here, swimming.
I’m writing this to thank you for your wonderful gift in healing my mind, to be able to focus on my goal weight. It became so easy and I’m still working at losing more.
Many best wishes.

I was struggling with the demands of work and family, not being able to sort my life into some sort of order and rid myself of the idea that I had to help everyone that asked. Murray very patiently and without judgement or criticism worked with me to restore some order and gave me the tools to manage the demands put on me daily.

I recently undertook Your Personal Breakthrough with Murray and he guaranteed he would support me in releasing everything that I no longer wanted to hold onto, and that we would keep going until I did just that. I put my faith in him and wrote a huge list...and I mean HUGE. I wasn’t sure how it could be possible in 8 hours or so but the results speak for themselves.

I no longer have any anger, sadness, guilt or fear inside me and the list goes on and on. Now I’m just so incredibly excited to begin my new path, start my amazingly successful business and live the life of my dreams. I am unstoppable!! Thanks Murray for your patience, kindness, dedication and expert guidance at walking me through this process, and most of all for helping to transform my life.