Former Student Testimonials

Meredith Yardley Former StudentI recently had the privilege of attending Murray Parr’s Hypnotherapy training.

There were several things I loved about it. Firstly we had a small group, so we weren’t stuck in a room with 50 other people wondering how to get 1 on 1 time with the trainer. Secondly, because it was such a small group, we were able to build up a wonderful sense of trust really quickly. We also were able to ask Murray questions throughout the training. I’ve been to a lot of ‘big’ trainings, and you often don’t get the chance to ask a question, and if you do, you don’t have the chance to really dig deep into the answer because the trainer is on such a time limit and many more people wanting to talk.

Murray’s training was really comprehensive, we learned lots from the history of hypnotherapy to the more modern thought leadership. He didn’t hold back on anything, and gave us lots of personal examples about how to approach dealing with people.

But best of all, we did it! We didn’t just read and talk about it – we actually did hypnosis ourselves – both as hypnotherapist and as patient. That was fantastic because we were able to experience it from both sides. And even better, the issue I wanted to resolve during my session has been resolved – and that was over 2 months ago – fantastic outcome. Because we were able to ‘do the doing’ I feel really confident and now include hypnotherapy in my suite of offerings.

So thanks a bunch Murray – I’m really looking forward to helping people achieve their goals using what I learned in my hypnotherapy training.

Many thanks

Meredith Yardley
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